Lobo the Wolf King "Self MOC?" Drawing

I was bored at school and I thought, "HEY! Why not draw Lobo, but slightly more realistic!?!?" Three days later, I got this so far:

I wouldn't really say that he's a self MOC of myself, but rather my likes/ interests (TMNT, Mega Man X Mavericks, Butt-load of weapons). If maybe you want to see the MOC itself, you can check here: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/moc-lobo-the-wolf-king-ccbs-build-updated/11289


Quite a neat drawing.

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Nicely done, I love the way you did the texture of the fur and plating.

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Ooh, looks scary n' such, nicely done, nicely done. :smile:


Dang it, I usually don't see people say that.


Better than I could do, I really like it have a Turtle turtle...

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This looks good.

Chima beware. Your replacement is coming.

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