Loki (Disney+)

I didn’t really like episode 3 and 6, but overall, yeah, overall I thought it was pretty good.

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Hoo boy…

  • Loki is completely out of character. This is the Avengers Loki, the same one that just sent an army to destroy/take over New York, and they make him more heroic than IW Loki. Like, his line in episode 3 “they’re just going to let these people die?” What was Loki doing in New York, huh? This is the same Loki who walks into a party and drills a guy’s eye out.
  • Loki, the guy who can hold his own against THOR, is beaten up by regular people multiple times in the show. Okay, maybe the TVA have some sort of amped-up abilities (the show doesn’t bother to show that, but it’s a possibility). But then in episode 3 he gets beaten by regular security guards, and in episode 2 he gets beaten by a totally regular human.
  • So Loki just has telekinesis now? Sure is Dr. strange that that never came up before… even in this show, actually. Episode 1, the TVA gets to the Tessaract before he can. Episode 2, he can just pull objects to him. Episode 3, he can just move an entire building.
  • The multiverse/time travel plotline is badly explained at best, flat-out contradictory at worst. The show cannot be bothered to try to explain how anything works, or when they do give any explanations, they’re contradicted by the actual events of the show.
  • For example: how does an alligator Loki even exist? How does killing Kang at the END of time change the timeline? (and that’s not even taking into account that that violates the rules established in Endgame) How does removing a variant set the timeline back on course, when it should change it because of the lack of that person? These are all things that the show just doesn’t have answers for.
  • Let’s talk about the TVA. So, are they all just variant humans? We never see a variant of an obviously alien race(some of them could be Asgardians, or races that look human). How are they able to police timelines when we have people like Thanos, Thor, etc., superpowered individuals who would laugh at a group of humans with glowy sticks coming to arrest them. Yeah, once they’re in the TVA, they’d be powerless, but the TVA agents have to get them there first – we see this with both Loki and Sylvie. Also, if they’re all recruited variants, how do they not realize that the person they arrested and put on trial last week is now working for them this week?
  • Kang’s backstory makes no sense. So, evil Kangs started a multiversal war… how exactly? How do you make an entire timeline attack another? This threatens to destroy reality… somehow? So he does… something, the show can’t be bothered to explain, and sets up the sacred timeline and prunes all differences. He sets up the TVA to do this. Okay, I guess that makes sense. But then killing him… results in more of him existing?
  • is there one timeline or multiple? If there’s multiple, then they should not have been able to find Sylvie because she could be in any version of the apocalypse in episode 2. There should be multiple Kang’s. If there’s one, then there’s no way an Alligator Loki, girl Loki, Black Loki, etc. would be able to exist. And again, the show certainly doesn’t want to answer this question.
  • Also, the way that they treat the Infinity stones is stupid. These are some of the most powerful objects we know of, and they’re treated as paperweights? THEY STILL HAVE POWER IF TAKEN OUT OF THE TVA. Endgame proves this, stones from another timeline still work. But sure, let’s let Loki keep the Tessaract. Don’t worry, the show will forget that he has it by episode 2.

Point being, the show is nonsensical and doesn’t bother to explain anything. It’s simply there to throw in cool stuff (the writer’s comment about “we put in alligator Loki because he’s green, no further explanation needed” makes that clear. I’m not kidding, he literally said that). And worst of all, it completely ruins everything about Loki as a character.

Also, Owen Wilson didn’t say “wow”, that alone ruins the whole show.


Frog thor exists. He is part of the main reality (in the comics) and is not actually Thor but a different person. Throg was in a shot in Loki. I would say the same thing that Throg had going on happend to another person, being transformed into Alligator Loki. So Alligator Loki is not THE Loki of his reality.

Odin died and Hela came free. The one who remains (probably) used the same technique to imprison the Kangs.

He used it. Thats why he was able to use telekinesis.

It already was changing. If they had followed the other way, of them becoming the new TVA leaders, Sylvie and Loki would have fixed the timeline.

I have no clue about the rest of the questions.

no, I believe now that TOWR is dead, the Kangs are free to diverge from TOWR’s “sacred timeline” and start the Multiversal War.

The only thing this show did is put even more on Dr. Strange’s plate.

Yeah that’s possible. Didn’t think about that.

He should have had a cameo atleast.

uh, what? No. why?

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or a slightly horror-like movie with a cameo from scarlet witch

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because of messing with the universe. But more like in a scene in the background and not really as a speaking role. But Loki wouldn’t be the best series to put him in

[quote=“GoodGuy2006, post:27, topic:50166”]
or a slightly horror-like movie with a cameo from scarlet witch
Yeah but we know that will totally never happen

nope. never

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Then why say that he’s a Loki variant? The show clearly wants to say that Alligator Loki is the Loki of his reality.

Kang isn’t magic though. He’s just a regular guy who figured out how to manipulate time. He can’t even time travel without that special tempad on his wrist.

Nope. Loki’s telekinesis is green, like the rest of his magic. Infinity stone magic is always color-coded, and Tessaract magic is blue.

Also, if he has it, then he could have used it to escape Lamentis with Sylvie.

I could buy that the TVA confiscated it between episodes 1 and 2, though.

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Ok I didn’t remember that it was green.

Ok but at least something similar. He invented multiversal travel somehow he must have figured something like that out.

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