Loki (Disney+)

Hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype
We are finally getting a Loki show, and I am hyped.

(also I really like that logo)
I am meh to no please with almost all of the announced Phase 4 items, except for Loki. I am really hyped for Loki. I just want to see more of him. He is probably my second favourite villain of the MCU and in top ten on the heroes list (don’t @ me my list is changing very frequently). We all asked for this since the beginning of Phase 2, and now we’re finally getting it. If we only got a War Machine show or movie too…
Anyway, I can’t wait for it. What do you think?


Logo looks like garbage. Other than that I’d be super interested to see what they’d do with a series based around Loki. I’d imagine something super fun like the GoTG films or Thor Ragnarok.

Too bad any and all interest is dead on arrival since it’s a Dinsey+ exclusive.


I pretty much second all of this ^.

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Agreed. It does seem interesting, and I was starting to like Loki right before he died. Alas…

So, how many of you have been watching Loki?

I’ve been watching it with my mom and brothers, and I’d say that it’s really good. Although I haven’t seen The Falcon And the Winter Soldier (and don’t plan on doing do tbh), I think that Loki’s probably the best of the MCU Disney + shows so far.

The latest episode was very exciting. Lots of plot twists. Here are some thoughts and theories:

  • In the after credit scene (which I thought was pretty funny), there were some buildings in the background. I can’t tell for sure, but the one on the right kinda looks like a destroyed Avengers Tower?
  • I thought it was kind of hard to understand what the timekeepers were saying a lot of the time, but oh well. Also in that scene, I find it surprising that the TVA couldn’t defeat Loki and Sylvie, considering that they’re wielding those eraser-staffs, but that’s a minor issue.
  • What if the person controlling the TVA is another version of Loki? A version who had accomplished their goal of having total control of everyone? Perhaps he’s the devil that appeared in episode 1 in the cathedral?
  • since the beginning of the show, I’ve wondered, why is everyone in the TVA a human?

I can’t believe my friend predicted alligator Loki would be in this show.

Any who rip Owen Wilson agent möbius all he wanted was a snow mobile

Also @Atobe_Brick don’t forget spoilers

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pretty sure some are not human but are just played by human actors just look like human. More than half of the characters in guardians of the galaxy look human even if the are not. or its because kang hates other species for some reason (no its not confirmed that kang is a character in Loki I just think that he is.)

It’s a good show it’s interesting.

Just watched the newest episode and can I say, I literally predicted that whole thing. For example, Mobius’ death? The Time God people being robots? Loki being vaporized? All of them.

Yes I am a genius no I won’t share it with any of you.

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Honestly, I’m disappointed.

When this show was first announced, I got really hyped. I was expecting something akin to Thor Ragnarok, where Loki would go rogue and start causing chaos and destruction in the universe, breaking the timeline and having a fun time in general.

So, I watched a few episodes and… didn’t get any of that.
I feel like this show is too low-key (ha-ha, see what I did here? What a genius I am!), Marvel could have done so many crazy and exciting things with it, as they weren’t restricted by any boundaries of the MCU’s main timeline, but, guess what? Instead they made up an excuse (TVA) why those crazy and exciting things can’t happen. So lame.
Even the amazing Tom Hiddleston, who is ultimately one of my favourite MCU actors, didn’t save the show.


To be fair, we’re only halfway through. Things might pick up still.

But otherwise, yeah.


My brother just pointed out a potentially huge plot hole.

How do the Loki variants look nothing like our Loki? If there’s a sacred timeline, then our Loki should be the only Loki, and any variants of him should just be younger or older versions of him, right?

It’s not one single timeline, its the same sequence of events occurring infinite times according to a single preset (the sacred timeline).

Also I cannot be the only one who thinks that most of the lines in this show are real doodoo.

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it was a jet ski
get it right

Potato potato.

They both work on forms of water so there’s really no difference if we really want to get particular.

Any ways remaining on topic

What are your thoughts on the thanos copter finally being canon in the mcu?


it was always canon
thanos copter is eternal


Loki is a really dumb show.


well we liked it


Ultimately, yeah.

It could’ve been so good, but they blew it with the weak plot, terrible side characters, and shudders awful lines.

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Wait people didn’t like Loki? I thought it was fantastic.