Loki (Disney+)

Hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype
We are finally getting a Loki show, and I am hyped.

(also I really like that logo)
I am meh to no please with almost all of the announced Phase 4 items, except for Loki. I am really hyped for Loki. I just want to see more of him. He is probably my second favourite villain of the MCU and in top ten on the heroes list (don’t @ me my list is changing very frequently). We all asked for this since the beginning of Phase 2, and now we’re finally getting it. If we only got a War Machine show or movie too…
Anyway, I can’t wait for it. What do you think?


Logo looks like garbage. Other than that I’d be super interested to see what they’d do with a series based around Loki. I’d imagine something super fun like the GoTG films or Thor Ragnarok.

Too bad any and all interest is dead on arrival since it’s a Dinsey+ exclusive.


I pretty much second all of this ^.

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Agreed. It does seem interesting, and I was starting to like Loki right before he died. Alas…