Long Discussion: Which is the Best Toa Team?

Hi everyone! I'm Mar and I'm here with an extraordinary, yet puzzling question, which is the best toa team? I want you to get both objective and subjective. How does the best team will be decided? Well, by which one stayed in unity, succesfully completed its duty, and found its destiny, by which one fulfilled prophecies, made extraordinary things, not even physical change could stop it, by which one returned as a legend and suffered less damage, completed its goal and saved their inferiors. That's how the best toa team will be decided. (Of course, it's an opinion, really)

Note: The Toa Metru and Hordika count as one, as well as the Inika and Mahri.

With that being said, here's my opinion: The Toa Metru are the best!


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Well, I'm not entirely sure.

From a set perspective, the Masters are my favorite, but I feel like the Inika/Mahri probably did the most and were the most stable team (however, I haven't read many of the books so I may be mistaken).


Lesovikk's dead team
Not too sure on this. I want to say the Toa Mata/Nuva, but that doesn't feel right at the moment....
I'll think about this....


i agree with @Joe

Mmmmm? note that the Inika/Mahri lost one of their members, it actually got killed.


And in turned saved Mata Nui...


but they truly did find unity and duty with each-other, and all destinies were fulfilled be it sometimes in death


To me the Inika/Mahri were the best from nearly every perspective IMO.


Sure!! What about the Toa Mangai? Hahaha! Just kidding! The Metru fulfilled the prophecy of the Great Rescue, they defeated the Morbuzak, saved the Maroran, founded Mata Nui Island, and refound Metru Nui.

What is this background? I can't even read the posts? Can somebody help me? I know, it's out of subject.


thats a really good point XD

Yeah man!
Even though they are all borderline dead, outside of Tuyet.

The Inika/Mahri were a good Toa team as well.....
But I still feel set on the Mata/Nuva....

And set wise, they were the first Toa to have both elbow and knee articulation!!

The Metru's leader, Vakama, was declared "mightier than Toa Lhikan" by Teridax, and in unity, they sealed the Makuta

but .... did they hang out underwater

The Toa Mangai thing was a joke of course!!

Try the desktop version.

This still doesn't really compare to saving the Great Spirit IMO. Especially considering that the seal didn't last that long.

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What do you mean??

the mahri hung out underwater like awesome fish warriors

Nahhh! That doesn't make any difference! Nokama and Gali could do that!

but this is teams we re talking about not individuals, they could all swim like heavily armoured fishies

Hea! Well, let's not talk about the Metru as Turaga! They rock! Didn't they? Ahh, the team who defeated Makuta gets one bonus point! (Which team did it??)

Yea, but, what did they "legendary-speaking" accomplished? That's what counts!

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