Long range communication in the matoran universe.

Has forms of long range communication such as radio signals ever been a thing in the matoran universe? I know that brings with access to telepathy could communicate with others great distances but was there a way for powerless beings to communicate over great distances in just a few minutes. Especially in the case of somewhere like metru nui which seems to be a technologically advanced city. Long range communication seems particularly useful for vahkii. So does it exist?


There are also the sort-of television screens Turaga Dume used in Metru Nui, which appeared to be able to show live video (at least within the coliseum). To me that would suggest long range communication is at least possible, in theory. I imagine the way the MU was initially designed, long range communication just wasn’t something the Great Beings felt was needed. The domes might also restrict a lot of long range signals anyway, but that’s just conjecture on my part.

Sidenote: I vaguely remember the screens on Metru Nui as being described to be similar to a real world type of display (I can’t remember what it was called, but you can search “coca cola kinetic display” because it looked something like that). If Bionicle was going to have an equivalent to TV screens I honestly imagine it would something like that.

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I also remember in mnog kopeke was watching things on screens in a cave.

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With Kopeke I always saw it as the Ko-Matoran having just managed to make some complex kind of mirror system to create a “monitor room” of sorts. Idk maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, I guess it’s not unreasonable that the Turaga could have spared enough tech from the airships to make at least one legit monitor room on Mata Nui

I don’t think it would have been a mirror system since the cave appeared to be covered in snow but if anyone was able to figure something like that out to spy on people it would be the ko matorans.

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