Looch (For Real This Time)

“That thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy and too rough. It was more like a large hunk of Iron.”

“Swords are tools of justice. Not used in anger. Not used in vengeance. Unfortunately for you, this isn’t a sword.”

“I’m gonna make them give back my past.”

“Snake, try to remember the basics of CQC”

So yeah.

I actually made Looch V2. For reals this time.

Da da da daaaaa.

Full shot of the “hunk of iron”, which I call the Doom Blade of Doomy Doom. The single blue gear is a nod to the original Looch V2. (As featured for 5 seconds on the Omega Looch episode of “MOC Spotlight”)

Mid swing

Rear shot

Under the hood



ye, you legit mang

bet yer prepared for dat ending tho

Still should have added the blue axle from the original as the shield.

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1/10 Original Looch V2 was better

/s Very nicely done by the way, although the chest sticks out a bit


If Elder Scrolls taught me anything, it’s that you can’t wield a 2 handed sword and a shield at the same time



He can’t move his arms forward, huh?

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Yes he can

only slightly though


I see.

Still looks great. I think he is a pretty cool upgrade from V2. He seems more articulated. :smile:

It’s beautiful. I give it a V for victory. Chest sticks out a little though.

I just noticed that.

I guess it’s a side effect from posing.

The piece that I used is loose and tends to pop out occasionally.

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This is Perfect

Nicely done! :smile: a bit gappy though, and the shoulder design could be better,

I like it.
Although I’m gonna call the weapon “The Looch Stick”…

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Looch, this looks fantastic. The Silver and Red really work together and its build is great, but similar to what @Stoax said, the Chest sticks out a bit too far.

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Looch in the flesh!

Nice MOC. I like his custom arms and torso. The only thing that bugs me is that a half-spacer is missing below one of his Bohrok eyes.


Welp. The MOC is simplistic, that’s most of what I have to say. Generic build, generic color scheme. The sword is really the only unique thing going for it. I would suggest trying to remake the concept of the MOC to fit what I believe is his best aspect, the sword.

Basically find a way to make him look visually weeaboo

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Little do we know
Looch actually meant this blue gear was his Self-MOC.



tbh the one that I had there flew off in an incident I dub “Slippery Spaghetti”

Donate to the Looch Fund and I’ll buy a bunch of magical girl figures and tape their accesories to this.


My blue gear manifested a stand and this is it

The extension or the missing half spacer?

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Wow. Very Go. Much Katakana.

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