Look at this!

So I was browsing through Google and found this site that looks veeeery similar to the TTV Message Boards in terms of layout…


Was this website based off the one above by any chance, or was it just a coincidence?

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Ttv probably used a template to design this site so, there are probably many sites that look like this


I believe this website is ran on Discourse, which allows you to basically make dedicated-forum websites, there seems to be a lot of similar templates out there like what GX05 said that can be used to make identical layouts to these. But I can’t say the same for that college forum since I don’t know anything about it.


Yes, good ol’ Discourse hosting.


Ugh I can’t believe someone copied TTVs homework!!! :dizzy_face:


Yea, the Blizzard forums actually use the same template too.

I was quite surprised.

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Found another one: https://forum.quizizz.com/

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even the same reply button

it’s the same for the Codecademy forums.

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