Looking for 2016 Tahu Uniter of Fire

I’ve been in search for a Uniter tahu for a bit and have had trouble finding one that is reasonable. Was hoping someone here could be able to help me get one. Figured it’s the best place to ask.

I’m in the U.S btw.

There’s currently a bid on ebay starting at $20.50 + $10.00 shipping

Other ebay listings I’ve seen are around $70 for the actual set (bootlegs are around the original price w/o shipping)

There are a few listings on Bricklink. The cheapest being a display piece for around $30, and at least $38 for a used, complete set

No luck on Amazon

Ebay bid is in the US and all the BL listings are overseas

Yeah I’m aware of all the ones on eBay and BrickLink. I ended up missing that auction. I went to ask here since all the ones listed that I’ve seen are not a comfortable price. Always have the worst luck with these things.