Looking for a fallout 4 model creator!

hello I was just wondering if anyone knows or is a 3d model maker. I would like to make a mod for fallout 4 (power armor) and I need someone who is good with 3d modeling programs. you would have complete creative liberty and you would get full credit for the mod all I ask is a small credit like “idea from ___”. I’m putting this on multiple web pages but I know there are creative people on this site. pardon the crude drawing.

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Blender is the best place to start learning.

I myself am decent at editing creation kit stuff but horrible at model editing.

I still might need some one to implement the mod if your good enough.

I’m using an old laptop I have because my desktop pc exploded ( kind of ).and it cant really handle the creation kit or 3d modeling programs.

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Okay I’d recommend staying away from blender and using Maya. You can get a student a copy for 3 years completely free off there website, and as long as you don’t use it for commercial purposes it’s completely Legal.

That’s a matter of preference.

Maya is much harder to do with Fallout than Blender and the fact that he is asking someone else to make it means they need to distribute it.

The Student version does not want any form of distribution.

@Xevins it doesn’t matter to me. if I could make it my self I would. I’m just trying my luck on different sites seeing if I can find someone.

I honestly doubt it will happen but I wanted to try.

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