Looking for G2/Reboot Interviews

So I’ve been obsessively researching the 2015-16 Bionicle reboot, and I’ve repeatedly failed to find any interviews or behind-the-scenes information on the topic. I suppose that’s not entirely true, I found footage of the 2014 announcement panel and an interview (with Zdenko Santini, I think) that took place immediately after, but that was all hype and no data. What I’m looking for is the designers who worked on it talking about the process, impetus, or really any aspect of the reboot’s development.
It’s entirely possible that the reason I can’t find anything is that I’m bad at looking for it, so… Can anyone help? Anything from direct links to “I saw one once” would be helpful.
Also, tangential: since I’m a new returner to the Bionicle fandom, if anyone besides Greg Farshtey is like, known to be easily reachable by fans, I’d really appreciate the heads-up.


Yeah, there were a series of “LEGO Inside BIONICLE” videos released back then where the set designers talked about some aspects of their process:

There was also an interview conducted by New Elementary with the set designers after the theme ended:


I’d seen the designer corner before, but not the staff interview. Thanks much!


When the Bs01 podcast rebooted, they did a bunch of interviews with the VAs and some of the animators from the Journey to One, so you may be interested in those:

You can find it on the YT channel since the wiki’s upload of the episodes is busted outside of episodes 1-10 of the OG run.

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Interesting side note, but Cerim Manovi is also heavily invested with Ninjago too.


Oh, I hadn’t thought to check the podcast. Thanks!

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