Looking for input for potential ideas for a "Mask of Creation"

Hey guys, I made this post in preparation for the mask/art portion of the Artakha contest, what would you guys be looking for in a potentially canon “Mask of Creation”?


I personally like KhingK’s mask of creation.
The Legendary Mask of Creation by KhingK - Thingiverse

If not that mask, I would also be happy with something similar to some of the g2 mask of creation concept art

Although I’ve always imagined Artakha to have a gunmetal mask, I think his mask of creation should be gold to fit in with the other legendary kanohi. Ideally, in my eyes, the winning Artakha artwork should be green and gunmetal/grey, with a golden mask.

(Also, for some reason I can’t change the size of the images in this post. Does anyone know why this might be?)

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I actually had this idea to include traits of various species into the mask as it was described to have decorations of every culture in the matoran universe. I mainly did this by adding the mouth and rahkshi head of a vortixx and fins on the side that resembled skakdi spines.


Thanks for the input guys!

@KanohiReqi I like that idea, I’ll keep that in mind though I have no idea how to implement something like that.

@Atobe_Brick Just an inquiry, do you guys think the community will rally behind a “MoC” that eithe looks like or is the “G2 MoC” or something that looks quite different?

time to pop in unannounced

Most everyone likes KhingK’s mask, including me. I feel a lot of the artwork that doesn’t create an original mask will base their designs off his. Anything with more crowd potential would have to be a new design with familiar elements, similar to the crown-like horns of the G2 MoC.

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Personally I like KhingK’s mask but the G2 inspired symbols on it look out of place
KanohiReqi’s design also is one of my favourites
I just hope once the art contest comes around we get to see more mask designs

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kinda cursed, but I’m using the trans blue mask of creation for my Artakha, despite me owning both retail versions.


I’ve been thinking about comparing all of the 2015 masks to their 2001 counterparts, listing the differences, and then trying to figure out what the g1 mask of creation would look like based on that.

probably a dumb idea but it could be worth a shot.

that’s just straight up a shadow trap


Thank you very much I will never get that out of my head

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Something very unique that doesn’t resemble any kanohi in any way but still looks like it belonged in the Bionicle universe.

Make of this as you will.

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Hey guys, so this is what I came up with since my last post here, it’s still in prototype stage so it should be subject to change in future, would there be potentially anythingthat can be done to improve upon this current design?

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Maybe flatten out the eye-slits, they don’t give the wise feel that they’re supposed to in my opinion.

Other than that I’d say it looks good!

Looks nice so far, I’d personally suggest moving the letters somewhere else, it looks kinda odd in the mouth area, and I suggest changing the side things(no idea what to call them) to look more like the crown detailing on the top, because they currently look a bit out of place. I’m not sure about if you should keep or remove the spikes on the chin, I’d have to see how it looks on a figure to be certain.

That being said, it still looks pretty great, and I’m excited to see the finished product!

Hey guys, so this is an updated version of my previous mask, would this be considered near perfect or potentially needing more work?


It’s definitely an improvement. The only thing I’ll say is that I think that now that the Matoran letters are gone from the mouth, the mouth area looks a bit bare, I suggest putting an oval or something like that there.

Overall, it’s pretty good, imo.

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Yeah I kinda agree, but you definitely got the eye-slits down!

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why’d you remove it from thingiverse