Looking for Krana and willing to buy

Well, title says it all. Right now, I am trying to (finally) finish my Krana collection, and I am looking for literally anyone with any to sell. Krana Kal, Krana Va, normal Krana, etc- I’ll take them all if you have them. So… anyone willing to sell anything?


I got a krana su and ja in green and light green.

How much would you be willing to sell those at…?
Would 8 be OK, 3 for each Krana 2 for shipping?

8 bucks I guess

Whoa wait how much krana do u have I know this is off topic but curious

So far I’ve completed 4 sets, and have about half of most of the others. The ones I’m lacking most of are the inactive Krana included in the Bohrok-Va.

Dude omg half way I encourage you to complete it!!

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Is there any you need? I have a lot of krana va

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