Looking for Shadow Kraata

I'm looking for shadow kraata.

Buying or trading?

Either Or

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How much would you pay?

depends how how many, around a dollar at most for one

Oh. no, then. I doubt you'll be able to get one for that price at all, and the least I'd sell mine for is $20.


O_O wow

These guys are selling 1 Shadow Kraata for $7-$10.


ah thank you, i remember looking at ebay but dont remember seeing them

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Ya, honestly, you'll get a better deal there, I'm rather unwilling to part with mine for a small price.


I have a stage six shadow kraata, but after frodobell's posts, I'm not sure...

you can look at bricklink. You can probably get one for 50c. I got both a green akacu and a blue miru for 3.00

Bricklink my friend.