Looking for Tridax Launcher Stud.io/Ldraw Parts

Hey there, new user here who’s been playing with Stud.io 2.0 to get her fix of MOCing! I’m looking to make some Phantoka-style Makuta, but the Tridax launcher is the only part of the torso that’s not available. The pod and frame are available, but I don’t know if anyone’s modeled the launcher. There’s a lot of bafflingly missing parts, like having Mahri eyestalks but not Metru skulls, and if anyone knows where I can find those, I’d be very appreciative.


I’d wager it doesn’t exist properly as it’s a flexible piece, I’ve checked a few second party sources and libraries, no dice.

Mecabricks might have the pieces that you could export from the site and import into studio with some effort. It’s a bit of a process that I wouldn’t recommend tbh.

Otherwise, you’re out of luck.