Lord Altar, The Hex Lord

"Everything your heard about me is just a lie, however why would you trust me?"
The Blue Hex
Centuries ago, Altar was feared and mistaken that he destroyed the “Balanced Core” that result the people to plant a curse spell to prevent him to returning to his home realm again. The people found themselves guilty and now fear him even more. Altar was able to build a new kingdom with his fonted Hex power and was able to communicate with his followers/citizen in his former home realm that they later moved to.
Lord Altar, The Hex Lord
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Okay, that looks fantastically schnazzy.

Man, you’ve really made great use of a Krana.

Pretty nifty use of the Skull Basher/Scorpio head.

Since when is everybody using the Krana for a head?
Anyway, the build here is extremely creative. 10/10 would recommend.

Great shaping here, feels alien.

Dang… This is really cool…
What’s the visor made of?
And what universe is he from?

I like the torso, just realized the upside down skull scorpio mask.

Looks awesome!

looks great, only nitpick being the lower legs, as they seem somewhat bare.

This is a groovy MOC man. I love the torso and the hands above the rest it.

Yeah I agree with this statement right here. It looks to bare, then again my self MOC is a Undead guy, so he has a lot of bareness to him.

Oh wow, he looks great!

Although the work, I am not a fan of how the heel bit of the legs looks in comparison to everything else. Maybe you could fill in the hollow part of the limb piece.

But everything else looks really cool!

Also, another person used the same Krana on a MOC as I did! The Krana revival begins!

Since me


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Looks good, love the chest. Some more pictures would be great though.

Theirs already a link, if you can’t see it; here.

And another note is Altar was first created in 2012.

And me: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/syras-bounty-hunter-v0-9/17730/13

What’s that? We aren’t shamelessly plugging? Oh…

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Oh! Didn’t see the gallery link, sorry.

but I was teh original


twas a joke, but I can delete the post if you want tho…

Haha, it’s cool man!

I was also joking! :smile:

Why have I been summoned here