Lord Nektann Revamp

Hello again! This is another quick revamp, this time of the 2010 Stars set ‘Piraka’, though we all know and love him as Nektann. The crescent scythe was only light modified in such a way that it can now be clipped to either of his legs in the rare moment when he’s not wielding it. The rest of him is significantly different from his set, taking the basic frame of the 2006 Skakdi and cranking it up.

I tried to stick as closely as possible to just having his colors be dark blue and dark bluish grey, while also beefing him up a bit, as Nektann is said to be larger than the average Skakdi. I made him custom, two-toed feet to honor his Stars set, wishing actually using those exact pieces.

Other than that, nothing too outrageous on this take on him, but I hope you like this revamp!


keeps the proportions of the og set really well


@Eilrach Thank you very much! The rather short torso and long legs is something that’s in both the Stars set and the 2006 Piraka, so of course it had to be here, too. Glad you like him.


I just REALLY love what you did with the feet, they look like the ones form the set without fear of the joint breaking it’s really neat


@KingBoss Thanks a lot! The feet were important for me to nail on his design, so I’m glad they’re receiving good feedback!


I like the foot design.


@TheJerminator Thanks! His feet are certainly the stand out part of the build for me, too.


I dig this Bionicle orc!

I know other people have made their versions similar to the 2006 Piraker (sorry, Piraka, no hard R), which is fine, but this just blows em’ out of the park with its unique non-inika build!


@iylv Firstly, lol.

Thanks for the praise on this! While I used the Inika/Skakdi template, I wanted, or rather felt obligated, to differentiate Nektann. I am rather pleased with this one, and I’m glad you like him!


I’m usually not a fan of orcs in fantasy & scifi, but I’ll make an exception for your Nektann.

And yes, skakdi are bionicle orcs. You can’t change my mind.


why didn’t you give him three toes on each foot? :cry:


@Panickingspinax A couple of reasons, actually!

  1. his Stars set had only two toes
  2. I thought this design was a hybrid of the two-toed look like Zaktan and the three-toed variant like Vezok or Hakaan

firstly I think the two toes look like a lack of work. And second, zaktan had robotic feet, not toes

@Panickingspinax You’re obviously entitled to your own opinion, but several other people on this thread seemed to like how I did his feet, and Zaktan definitely had two toed feet, just like Thok and Avak.

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