Lord Oblivion

Lord Oblivion patrols the stars, bringing order to an otherwise order-less galaxy. He’s just tracked down the infamous war-criminal and bounty-hunter Marq on Qurtal-Prime. Needless to say, this was not the Christmas Marq was hoping for…

A secret Santa for my friend @LordOblivion, one of my favourite builders and a real leader in the Bionicle community. Cheers, buddy!

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/gamma_raay/?hl=en


Amazing, I love that torso, as well as that gun and…that green thing?

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Looks more like a mecha too me

This looks great. I like the little creature thing.

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The squid thing could have just been a moc in itself this is so great!

Cheers, all!

Thanks, it’s actually the head of an older moc of mine.


R.I.P mutated squidward, decapitated by lord obvilion

Very nice part usage!

That’s a nice halloween bag you got there, may I take a peek?

Good choice in alien head to sever. Honestly the only thing I can say critically is change the name. Lord Oblivion is too edgelordy

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And that’s a problem?