Lord Of Skull Spiders Backstory

honestly I seriously doubt that the Shadowed one would be introduced right away, given how simple most of Lego's stories have been recently. The Dark Hunters are way too dark

Isn't one of the reasons behind the cancellation of HF, the lack of deeper storyline ? I'd be surprised if Lego would dumb down Bionicle to the level of HF. Bionicle was famous for its story and the story was one of the reasons behind its massive success ( at least in the beginning it was ). TBH, it sounds unlikely that Bionicle will get the same storyline level as Hero Factory.

Anyway, I hate how current stories for younger kids are always dumbed down. Hell, if you look at today's children's programs you only see hyper-active kids running around doing "funny" stuff, but nothing really deep and emotional like in the days of my youth. Adults are really underestimating kids' ability to fantasize and understand even quite complex and meaningful stories.


This is very true, and I agree 100%, but even then, I think that the Dark Hunters are unlikely candidates this early.

Well of course, it we get a hard reboot then it's not even sure if the Dark Hunters would even be brought back at all. If we get a soft-reboot then it might be possible to get them right away. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what they do, hopefully they're not making the "as simple as possible" mistake wink


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And when they do the parents tell them to go outside and think they are losers...

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before makuta teridax took over the mata nui robot, he placed a bit of his consciousness into a fikou spider mutated by energized protodermis.


That's it there man. The LoSS is just a glorified Fikou with Makuta's Consciousness.

As far as story is concerned, I'm hoping for a continuation. Something like that fabled third movie we were supposed to get on Bota Magna. That would be cool.

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if it is a continuation, bota magna wont exist anymore. lord of skull spiders is a makuta, why wouldnt he be

Why would he be? He doesn't look like the Makuta that LEGO previously created and released. Of course, there's no real reason for him to be a six legged spider either, unless they're getting rid of the Visorak.

the visorak are freed. they are leaderless, and roam freely through the M.U. just like any rahi. also, i said he might be A makuta. dont forget that makuta is a species

What if he's the reboot's version of the Visorak?

naw, if bionicle is going to make it kid-friendly, i dont think that "the stealers of life" would be the starting point for the story.

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Perhaps Lord of Skull Spiders is just a placeholder name...

I searched it too, was not disappointed.


I don't know which Lord of Skull Spiders is better now...


I was using Makuta in the plural form (unfortunately) but I don't see why they would bring in a new race of spiders.

It's Tuma.

ok, can someone explain why in the trailer, the lord of skull spiders roars like a lion? i would of thought him to hiss or something.

here is a link, it is in the first 8 seconds

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I think he's screeching, not roaring.
Also, uh... major revival? I'm not sure of the revival policy, but...