Lord Of Skull Spiders Backstory

Could the LoSS be related to Makuta in some way? or could they be in some way related to the Visorak?

In Other news, I looked up 'Lord of Skull Spiders' on images and was not disappointed


Makuta is DEFINITELY involved. He's right there on the display


@Matoro how do you know t's makuta? What if they rebooted the series with brand new enemy? Im just guessing completely

I'm guessing that it's Makuta as it uses the imagery that has always been used for him. Red eyes on a black background

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I concur

The LoSS is definetely not the big bad for the whole story, probably just an intelligent Rahi being controlled in the background by the "Ominous Red-Eyes" character, who is probably Makuta if its a reboot.


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so sorta like a homage to how 01's main villains were the rahi, but the real villain was Makuta? Hopefully we get a set of this being in the shadows.

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That image is freaking creepy XD

I don't know what to think with the LoSS just yet, but I'm pretty certain that the ominous figure in the back isn't Makuta, I'm suspecting someone brand new.

(Unless it's a reboot, in which case it probably is Makuta)


I mean... there's always Tuma..


This....cannot....happen. Ever.

I'm not sure if I like the whole "Skull" part of it. It's sort of a reference to human life, sort of, and I just don't see that fitting in with the feel of the Bionicle universe. Also the name "Lord of Skull Spiders" reminds me of a HF villan. Just my opinion, though.


Judging from the glowing red eyes above it on the display I would assume he's essentially a servant of a bigger big bad. It could possibly be Makuta, but there's always the chance of it being a new character entirely.

Don't forget that may not be the official name considering it was translated by Google Translate from Russian to English. Google Translate is already a reason in itself not to trust the name.


Not necessarily. Keep in mind that the majority of characters are partially organic beings, meaning it's not too farfetched of an idea that they would have "skulls" of which they wear their kanohi over.


i dont think its Makuta ,he never had eyes in that shape.It looks more like Tuma

As cool as it would be, I highly doubt it's Tuma. (It's not a TUMA!)


I hope these names are fake, because Lord of Skull Spiders sounds very basic. In fact Lord of Skull Spiders has six legs not 8. There aren't spiders in Bionicle, there are Visorak.

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Yeah i guess you are right ....that leads us to only 1 character - Gresh!!!!!!
I knewed it ,it was Gresh all along! Gresh the member of the SS (skull spiders) vs omega Tahu smiley

I agree, the lord of skull spiders may very much be like the bahrag, who controls an army, but isnt the main villain.

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What if the big bad in the background was the shadowed one? He is alive and he is currently rebuilding his army along with the dark hunters, so maybe this is what he has found?