Lord of the Fire Protectors

This is a continuation of the series I've been working on, the Lords of the Protectors. Basically just enhanced/re-vamped versions of the 2015 Protector sets. This is the Lord of the Fire Protectors.

And a bonus shot with a cool, accidental lighting effect that came out. This pic has the original version of the scythe weapon too. Ultimately I decided I liked it better with the red falcon head and gunmetal colored piece. Which one do you guys think looks better?

Edit: On another board had people ask how this guy is constructed. So here are some disassembled pics.


That staff/scythe/hammer thing is really appealing, well done...

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The falconscythe is better than the otherscythe.

Cool, I really like the look of his legs.

IMO, the last picture's scythe looks the best.

This is all around a better Lord than the previous one. There are just better design choices here, for example the Bohrok-Va heads attached to the back. The small flames on his legs seem just a bit excessive though, what do I know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I fell out of the Constraction/Bionicle fandom as soon as HF was introduced, so I own no HF sets except for Jet Rocka. Of course, I leapt back in when G2 was re-introduced. :wink:

This MOC was real good! I'm hyped to see more!


I have so many things to say about this, but I'm not in the mood to make a big old post.

I really like his weapons a lot.
I love his torso build a lot as well, that is just groovy looking.
The upper arms seem a bit to short for me, but it's only a little complaint.
I dig his lower legs and feet quite a bit.
His upper legs again feel just a little bit to short to me or the lower legs are a bit to long, but again it's only a little complaint.

Any way pretty groovy MOC man.

He looks great, but I feel like he needs an upgraded blaster as well as his swords

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(sees sword) It looks cool, but it appears to be a bit short-
(sees scythe) O :astonished: H

Thanks man. I feel like I need a tutorial class on how to construct blaster weapons, because I'm objectively terrible at it. So you'll rarely see me even attempt it.

As for the swords, this is a brand new character rather than just a re-vamp. So I went with the more imposing staff weapon. I used the same fire blade piece though. :grin:

Looks really good. I also like the inclusion of elbows. :wink:
Edit: I just saw the necklace of chain links. That is really quite cool. (I made a necklace on my self moc, but I used the Mahri tube piece)

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Nice MOC.

Even the divine lord appreciates this MOC enough to shine some light on it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I'm a sucker for fire scythes.

Nice torso build. I may use that.

Pretty cool I must say.
I like the use of those little flame pieces all over the build, the sword look good and the schyte is simply awesome. Clever use of the metru/inika waist piece, never thought of that.

The only complaints I have are about the claws on the feet and the fire villain chest armor: the first look out of place, I would have used a system clip with a slope; the latter just doesn't look right on a protector imho.

But all in all very good Moc.

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This is really nice. I like the fiery bits woven in, it makes for a snazzy look.

I got to admit this looks great.
Though the visorak eyes on the arms look unnecessary.