Lord of the Ice Protectors

Deep inside the icy caves of Okoto, the Protectors of Ice reside, guarding the masks of power. Kopaka’s mask is the most well known mask. But there are others too, just waiting to be reunited with the Toas of Ice.

The Protectors themselves have a leader who guides them and provides the wisdom they need to fulfill their missions. This is that leader - Varkka, the Lord of the Ice Protectors.


Love the legs and torso, great job!

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Simple, but it looks nice.

This is amazing

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This looks so groovy.
How much would you say it would cost to make?

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Thanks man! Do you already have some of the parts, or would you have to build from scratch? I buy a lot of random pieces from BL every so often, so that’s how I acquired some of these parts like the hoses and the large ice horns on the staff. They’re all really cheap individually, but adding them all up it would surely be under $30 including shipping. For example, the spiky ice armor parts are about $.25 apiece.

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I own some of the parts needed for this. But the rest I would have to get over brick link.

Aw yes shipping…

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Looks very impressive for how simple it is!

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The bones in the limbs seem a might out of place, but great over all. Also, this guy sure seems to live by the famed words of Theodore Roosevelt- “Walk softly, and carry a big stick.”. Or, at leased the second part.

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Thanks for checking out my MOC. Appreciate the feedback.

Since this guy is meant to be a much older, much wiser Protector (almost like an old medicine man of shaman of the tribe) that’s why he’s got the bony, almost frail look about him.

I love the build and particularly the weapon. This is amazing!

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Okay. That makes sence.

I love it, despite the Hero Factory chestpiece. The tubes do a good job of covering that, overall I give it a Shwey/10.

I like it, although I’m not a fan of the eyestalks on the feet.

I love that torso design with the tubes :smile:

I really like the tubes on the chest


The skeletal limbs look really good and I love the tube design on the chest, and da horns

Good job. This is a good, solid MOC.
I think what i like most about it is the fact that it looks like a future LEGO product - like some sort of powered-up form of the Protectors.
If you did a Jungle Lord, please do post it.

I love me some emerald MOCing. :heart::heart::heart:

Thanks man! I am planning to do all of the protectors. So either Fire or Jungle will be next.

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There’s absolutely no question that your photography here great, and yet this MOC seems a little too odd for me. Were you going for something different with the proportions here? I can’t say that I’m a fan of the tunic or lower arms for the general shaping of the MOC.