Lord of the Stone Protectors

Just continuing my series of elite Protectors, aka Lords.

This guy uses the same torso I posted yesterday for the Fire Lord. But I tried to give him a stockier, squat look. I imagine some people won’t like the face covering, but I think it goes well with the character. I see this guy living deep, deep underground in caves he had to furrow himself with that mighty hammer! Pulverizing all that bedrock would require a face guard, right?

Speaking of the hammer, this is easy my favorite MOC weapon I’ve ever done. I’d love to be able to wield it in an RPG game or something.


How are those pieces on his upper arms attached?

It look really nice and thr build is very interesting, however not a fan of those skull add ons, specially the one on the face. Also a bit too chubby, but that hammer…it’s beautiful.


@White_Rainbow Thanks for the feedback. But the chubbyness is totally by design. Imagine him like a stonecutter, blacksmith type dwarf character. Sine they live underground, they’re always short and stocky like that.

@Rockho The gunmetal fingers are clasping them on. Surprisingly sturdy! I’ve been posing and playing with him all morning and they haven’t fallen off yet.

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That beard is just…

Good job! I don’t really have any pros or cons here! It’s all around real nice!

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I feel like he is going to tell me im a Wizard

Best dwarf ever.

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“Your a wizard Benny”
Anyway I really like these MOC.
That beard is done pretty well.
I love the torso build. It look nice and bulky.
Limbs are a bit on the simple side but it doesn’t bug me that badly.
Overall, Groovy MOC man.

I love the dwarfish vibe he seems to be going for here, and that weapon design is pretty neat.

I like the dwarven look to him, but the leg armor makes him look a bit chubby.

I love that beard!

Reminds me of a prospector

The face guard, although very wide, works decently well here I think.

Feels like a really big protector of stone, which I am pretty sure is what you were going for so props to you.

He resembles a dwarf wiking, with his mouth guard acting like a beard, his hammer, and his brown.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad, though. Quite a well made figure here.


Nice MOC.

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The skull armor piece seems weird on the face.But good none the less.

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I like the idea of the face guard, and that hammer is great! :smile:

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Lord of the beard protectors

Groovy MOC.

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