Lorengol, my self-MOC

Well, here is my self-MOC. I'm planning to write a back-story some day, but just so that you get what he is, I'll tell you quickly.

He's a human who accidentally fell into a wormhole. Agori were testing a new way to travel instantly, but didn't calibrate their instruments right. They accidentally teleported an astronaut (Laurent Gold) to somewhere on their planet. as it turns out, Laurent changed universes, and his flesh is now turned to some sort of gas, but still stays together. When he takes his helmet off, he realizes that he can breathe (I have decided that the atmosphere is like our own, since there is liquid water and plants, but while the main gas in our atmosphere is nitrogen, theirs is similar in chemistry to oxygen, so he can breathe). he is attacked by a Vorox, who tries to cut his arm off, but the blade only cuts his bone while passing through his muscle. After slashing a lot, the Vorox looses interest and leaves. Laurent is left to die there. But since he isn't vitally injured (except for the fact that in this universe, almost no chemicals in his body are stable, so he's in slowly increasing pain), he is still alive.

As it turns out, in this universe, his bones mend really quickly, so he's up on his feet within the hour. He starts walking around randomly, his brain being more and more fuzzy. After a few hours, he finds a spring of energized protodermis. He thinks it's water and sticks his hands in it. This turns him into this MOC and he's healed. Also, not realizing it yet, he can now speak Matoran, as well as English. Laurent searches for civilization for several days, never getting hungry, for some reason. When he finally runs into someone and tries to communicate, he discovers that he can now understand what the other was saying. He can also express his thoughts in such a fashion that the other can understand him. When the other asks him for his name, he answers "Laurent Gold". this is too complicated to pronounce, and the other slurs his name: "Lorengol".

Hopefully that wasn't too much backstory. I am thinking about writing it somewhere but I don't know where. Nor do I have the specific motivation or time. Tell me if you would read this story.
Now finally, here he is:

So there he is, my self-MOC. Tell me if you think it'd be worth a shot to write his story: "The chronicles of Lorengol"


interesting color and parts choices. The Mask is great with it. Bit messy in a few areas. Alright hammer


The mask works very well and there is a very creative use of parts on this Moc. It could be streamlined more but it's a good start

I don't know what you mean by

There aren't any other Keetorange masks out there (maybe except for Mata Mui's Kanohi Ignika). Also, what are you talking about when you say:

This is almost all the Keetorange I have, except for a few single female ball joints connector pieces and Inika and Piraka torso pieces.

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Are those double joints really necessary for a build of this size? :stuck_out_tongue:

didn't know ball joints had designations for gender

Yeah, I meant the sockets. The pieces they used for hands in G1 until the Glatorian.

no, but they look cool... :grinning:

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Nice. Definitely gives off the gassious vibe, like with trails of his body flowing off in a few places, but mostly solidified. Although, why is the hammer made out of the same things as his body?

Because Keet-Orange without owning Keetongu... But yeah, great point... I might change that to give him a more powerful weapon, or at least a better one.