Lost Bionicle Media: the Ignition comics ad pages


Wish someone would provide scans of the post-05 comics, as they stopped including the “ad” pages in the digital version as of 2006.

Ask and ye shall recieve, @wolk!

Some notes:

  • the comics from 06 have summaries of the story at the beginning, similar to the comics from 01-05. As far as I can tell, these have never been shared online before. They stopped doing these after 06.
  • the number of ad pages dropped in 07 as well.
  • for some reason, the digital version of Issue #3 crops out the title – and also moves a few panels from the next page in to replace it. Now, for the first time ever, we have a digital version of Sayger’s illustration of Jaller’s feet! Oh, and also the title. But more importantly: feet!
Bionicle Ignition 1: If a Universe ends...

Bionicle ignition 2: Vengeance of Axonn(missing centerfold due to issue damage)

Bionicle ignition 3: Showdown

Bionicle Ignition 4: A Cold Light Dawns

Bionicle Ignition 5: In Final Battle

Bionicle Ignition 7: Mask of Life, Mask of Doom

Bionicle Ignition 8: Sea of Darkness

Bionicle Ignition 9: Battle in the Deep!

Bionicle Ignition 10: The Death of Mata Nui

Bionicle Ignition 11: Death of a Hero

Bionicle Ignition 12: Realm of Fear (missing back cover due to issue damage)

Bionicle ignition 13: Swamp of Shadows

Bionicle Ignition 14: Endgame

Bionicle Ignition 15: Mata Nui Rising!

Bionicle Glatorian 1: Sands of Bara Magna

Bionicle Glatorian 2: Fall of Atero

Bionicle Glatorian 3: A hero Reborn

Bionicle Glatorian 4: Before the Storm

Bionicle Glatorian 6: All that glitters


This is great. Especially the Mahri trivia from ignition 9

Matoro; Has actually started learning some of the language of the sea creatures.
Jaller; Discovered the hard way that prehistoric ocean beasts hate being petted.


Man… what a blast from the past. I remember all of these. Just turned 26 yesterday. This is all part of my childhood that feels more distant than I care for. Thankful for these memories.


Thank you so much, Willess!! :smiley: Now I’ve got a lot to read through hehe


Wow, they really leaned into the “cool mohawk” on the Kadin.

(Also, where’s the Bionicle guitar at nowadays?)