Lost Images

A lot of my MOC topics have lost their pictures, just leaving blank boxes in their place. Thanks to how TTV works, I can't go back and reupload, either. What's happened here and is there a way to recover them?


Ive had this issue as well but thankfully not on my moc topics just comments and replies

Yeah I've had this issue a lot too, especially if you go back to 2014.

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Long story short, to kill some board errors we had to kill some images. Sorry about that, but we've made it so things should be saved more efficiently going forward. I don't have a solution for you beyond just copying over fresh links and having our boards reupload them to the server.


What do you mean by that?

so that's what happend to my pics

That explains it.

[Engage Necropost]

I’ve been able to recover old images by changing their site url from:




You can get the site url by right clicking on an image and opening it in a new tab. Then just copy and paste the url into your post and change the domain to board.ttvchannel.


Very nice! Any interesting sharable goodies?