Love in Parllel Universes?

Hey Greg I’ll keep this short. Given that there are parallel/alternate Bionicle universes, would you say that emotional love exists between bionicles in one if not multiple universes? Thanks.


No. The MU is basically the same in these other universes, in that they are bio-mechanical beings who exist to keep a giant robot functioning. There is no physical reproduction, mating or marriage in those societies, thus no need for romantic love as a concept to ever develop.


Pardon me throwing my two cents in, I love discussing alternate timelines and alternate universes.

Actually there would be a timeline where the great beings did decide to put romantic love into the Bionicle. But this wouldn’t come about because it is a logical choice. It would come about because of the main timeline. This rather baffling timeline would come into existence because the main timeline exists. Each action has an equal and opposite reaction (yes, I am fully aware this is basically Newton’s third law). Many timelines in various franchises work like this whether the creator/author realizes it or not. See any story that has a gender bend or opposite alignments timeline. And it is safe to say that real life alternate timelines would most likely work like this. You would have timelines form based on action and inaction.

But to be fair, given how contrarian the romantic love timeline would be, it is safe to say that it would be hard to find this timeline in the vastness of the multiverse. It would be hard to locate on top being very far out into infinity. So it is safe to say that this timeline would never interact with the main timeline given how out of character it would be for the great beings. On top of that, it would potentially be one of a kind. Basically it is so obscure in the multiverse that it might as well not exist.

Insert something about different headcanons here, lol.

Again, pardon my intrusion. I tend to nerd out about alternet universes and different timelines. It is a very fascinating aspect of both science fiction and theoretical science for me

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Yes, I hear you. You could also argue that there is a timeline where Matoran are not produced by machinery alone but come about as the result of some form of mating (even if it is not mating as we understand it – perhaps more a merging of programming), which might have necessitated a pairing of Matoran. And you could have wound up with the concept of romantic love evolving over time and being overlaid on this programmed imperative.


I have several points to make:

Due to the fact that it would be out of character for the great beings to give Matoran the ability and or need to love, there would also be a universe where it made perfect sense for the great beings to give Matoran love. There would also be a universe where it would be logical for the great beings to give the Matoran love, but wouldn’t simply because there is a universe where there is love. On the point of it being infinitely impossible to find a universe where love did exist I’d like to make one note: there are an infinite number of universes like this because of the amount of smaller or bigger details that differ, say whether or not a flower blooms or not. This means there are an infinite number of universes where Matoran feel love, but also an infinite number of universes where they don’t. You could say that because we know these alternate universes can be reached, there is a possibility that someone could visit these universe via a Kanohi olmak. The simple truth is however, that nobody in Bionicle canon has ever seen these universes. There are grey areas (maybe Vezon saw one of those universes while he was fused to an olmak) but these universes never affected the canon. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.