Luca, Sniper for the Outlaws

Luca was a Bounty Hunter but by a Mission to kill Asd he changed his Mind and get drunk with him. He and the Outlaw Tead became friends and he is now a full member of them. But the one who gave him the Mission to kill Asd wanted now Luca dead. Luca desided to find out who his annonym Enemy is. His Mission is now to Kill him.

Health: 9
Strength: 7
Pace: 9
Armor: 5
Power: None
Friendlyness: 9
Status: Alive
Family: All Dead


I think you should tweak the color scheme. I haven’t seen reds and greens often, and here it mostly works, but I think you should stick with mata red and mata green, or mata red and metru green, and remove the sand green. Maybe you could add a base color of some sort to tie the reds and greens together.


and i thought the scene i had planned with my self moc getting drunk with god was weird… eh i can see it though. Anyways, its ok, much better than some of the other ones youve uploaded, but not the best. With some improvement youll be making pretty good stuff


I like the sniper rifle.

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