Lucifer former king of daemons

A once great king, Lucifer the fallen angel or Lucifer, agel of death gave up his throne to his son, Satin and now wanders the relms of hell so here he is:


From what I can tell it looks great

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I’d suggest taking pictures in a much cleaner and well-lit environment. It’s currently rather difficult to see what’s going on in the pictures, and the mess on the floor is rather distracting.

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Nice job man. The wings are a little… little, but otherwise it looks great.

I’ll take better pictures
The wings are small because he used to be an angel but turned into a deamon his wings didn’t fully chage they just stayd the same size but they did get corrupted

why do you keep spelling demons as “deamons”

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Likely an intentional slang to defy a race, something like THICC over thick.

Looking deeply to the model itself, it’s pretty much UtD mixed with other G2 parts. The color of the wings doesn’t match well and the head is kinda interesting.

Looks kinda cool

The hands are too big.

Seems too simple, I would change the blades on the wings to the light green ones as well.

Ok so a couple of things 1: I spell demon daemon to honer the Greek spelling
2: the blades on the wings are the couloir they are because I don’t hav the green ones
And 3:the hands are supposed to be large

A couple things as well

  1. It’s actually spelt Daemon in greek mythology, not deamon.
  2. I think you are taking the constructive criticism as normal criticism which it isn’t.
  3. part of being a mocist is improving your builds based on what other people suggest to you. If they think something is wrong, it’s probably wrong, unless it’s supposed to look wrong.

He did good on it I think.

he literally just said that-

you don’t get to correct the guy who was right all along, mate.

because the creator of this moc is right in the first place, I was just emphasizing that he was right, kind of saying there was no point in correcting him in the first place.

@cotorax Really good work on this moc, it is unique in that it is not just another bionicle character we see all the time and the actual build is awesome, I love the wings!

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you notice the edit mark at the top of his posts?

he didn’t get it right-

just a bit of proof from within this topic.

Yeah I am very new here and am still getting the idea about how this site works, i did not notice the edit indicator, it just seems to me that in only a few days so far alot of people on here are over judgemental about everything. And yes I know you will say it’s creative criticism but…it’s not. Alot of members that have been here for a while use it as a shield and belittle others so they can feel better about themselves, I met the same people in the Army up at squadron that abuse position and seniority all the time, I mean that must be the only reason you have been on this site as long as you have, you don’t seem to be here to talk about bionicle or Lego or anything because all you seem to do is go around correcting people.

If you’re referring to creative content, we’re honest with our opinions because we want people to improve.

The mods deal with insults, constructive criticism can, and in my opinion should, be honest and candid, nobody improves from being told they’re perfect.

Nice to see we have a psychic on the boards that can read people’s minds,
As someone who’s been here over three years let me tell you, that’s not true.

There is no higher authority among members, if you break the rules you are punished, if things go too far the mods step in.

I don’t know who your referring to here, as neither of the people you were replying to fit that description.
Though I also fail to see the reasoning that correcting someone is a bad thing.

If you can’t take people’s criticism you don’t have to post art,
if you can’t take people’s criticism of other people’s work don’t read the replies,
if you can’t handle someone else being corrected you should probably avoid any social interaction.

Honestly it’s hard to make out the moc from the poor lighting and messy backdrop, and the build itself seems a bit messy as well, I assume it’s a lack of parts, given that he appears to have about 6 knees, I’m not going to judge it too harshly given you seem fairly new to moccing and don’t seem to have much technic, it’s fairly standard for a mostly ccbs moc, slightly odd proportions, a bit gappy, but the idea behind the moc is good, get some more experience and parts and you can do something impressive with this concept,
As is it’s fairly middle of the road for me, but you show promise.


Don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, but I suggest getting a backdrop and a steadier camera. Simply setting a poster against the wall can help a lot.


That’s fair, I was being unreasonable earlier and apologize if I offended anyone or was being pig headed or stubborn. It is obviously important to have criticism with art/creation since you point it out and I was just being ridiculous.