Lucifer the unforgivable shadow of fire

Name : Lucifer

sacred curse (weapon) : crescent death

occupation : knight

his ruler : King Hexon

Theme :

Battle theme :

all credit goes to retro specter for music

His back story. being the guardian of the fire element and its sub elements he committed a shadow crime the unforgivable crime and was ordered to be executed but by the order of King Hexon and Eclipse he was spared and hence became the second shadow but becoming a shadow comes at a great cost he had to give up most of his his physicality hence being partly skeleton


There are two things you can do to make this moc better. 1, change the head to fit the color scheme, 2, change the scythe to fit the color scheme.


Is that a rubber risk band?

The build is pretty muddled despite using an undead concept, I think the head and tail on the shoulder works out, yet everything else doesn’t appeal to me with the add-on placed all around.


this is just trash
you can do better than that

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