Lucius, Silent Guardian (Hero Factory MOC)

This guy is technically my first ever Constraction MOC. The figure uses parts almost exclusively from Breakout Rocka and Bulk 3.0. He is extremely simple yet I really like how he turned out. I have made him my current Self-MOC. Constructive criticism is welcome!

Theme: C.L.U (TRON Legacy Soundtrack)



Wielding Eltro-Disruption Blades:

Wielding Thermal Grenade Gauntlet:


Looks pretty good, the color scheme is definetly well done (the only thing I can think to improve upon in that regard are the gunmetal blades, those do come in gold I believe)

You've used the CCBS system well, and he looks bulky enough, but the legs seem a bit more open. That's a fault of the CCBS system, not your, but it might look better if the lower leg armor was turned to the front.


If I had to pick out one thing, I'd say that they way the 2.0 style armor connects to the Breakout armor makes it look like his head has really restricted side-to-side motion.

That's one nice thing CCBS has over the old system. Very easy to keep a nice clean look.

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Wow that's awesome. You know I wish Lego made Hero Factory's like these and not those small little mini-figures. I it was in a store I'd buy it, so goooooooooood! ~Pyrox

Dang, I guess I really should have gotten that Scarox I saw on clearance... oh well :stuck_out_tongue:.
Honestly, I like the look of the gunmetal blades (besides, that's the only color I have them in).

I prefer having all the armor sideways to create a flowing aesthtic. Besides, I really love those barb details :smile:.

Not at all. He can cock his head sideways very easily. Nodding or looking upwards is another story...

Thanks. CCBS is indeed very easy to work with.


Just uploaded a slideshow if anyone is interested:

Oh! Right!

If I could make a suggestion, it'd be to mayhaps get a diferent head and core color, just to distance him from Bulk 3.0 even further.

If you don't have the parts to do so, that's understood, but maybe try to get some

I'd like to give him a white Core (for a Breakout style) and some other head. Unfortunately, you're right. the only other colors I have for those parts is purple and yellow. I'll definitely try to get some others soon though.

Oh man...White?

Geez, you'd have to get one of the Rocka 3.0s for that. Been a while since I thought about the smaller set even existing we've had so many Rockas.

...or I could try Bricklink :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, of course.

I was just sorta thinking back on how Rocka's been shoved down our throats these past few years.

I mean like, 3 Battle Machines of his own, 2 Brain Attack sets, one of the larger Breakout sets, and then the first XL hero in Savage Planet.


...and yet he wasn't even in the first wave. He just appeared and we were all expected to love him.


Rocka is the Bumblebee of Hero Factory...similar colors even.


This MoC is pretty cool! Excellent color scheme and armor arrangement, and the launcher holder on the back is quite nice.

Embrace the CCBS... embrace it. >=D



Thanks @Mesonak , that means a lot to me :smiley:

November 3rd Update:
-Updated the title to set up a full back story I have coming up.

-Gave him some theme music:

What do you guys think?

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