Lucky/Unlucky Numbers

Do you guys have lucky and lucky numbers? Post yours!
My lucky number is 291.
My unlucky number is 277.

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I don’t really have lucky/unlucky numbers, but my favorite number is 11.

My lucky numbers are: 7,14,28

I was born on October 13th, so naturally, 13 is my favourite number even though it’s considered unlucky


I find that many more people have thirteen as a lucky number than unlucky.
But for me, 3 and 17.

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In Japan 4 is unlucky, because it sounds similar to the word for death (shi).

Lucky Numbers: 3, 15, 22 and 66

Unlucky Numbers: 27, 45, and 62

I don’t understand the point of unlucky/lucky numbers.

I don’t believe in luck.


Same here, except in a different month. :wink:

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Lucky number is 13
Unlucky number is 69

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Alright, I have to know the meaning behind these numbers. They are so random and large.

My lucky number is nine.

Incidentally, my favorite number is 5.

291 is the number of episodes in DBZ, the first anime series i watched.
277 is from a bad time…


Well I don’t think your believing hard enough.

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The old man in me agrees.

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The good numbers are:
9, 21, 182, 213
The bad numbers are:
5, 12, 32, 87

9 is a useful number if you know the right people, 21 has too much stuff to write here, 182 divides beautifully and 213 is always overlooked.

5 is given more than it deserves, 12 backs tabs us all, 32 shouldn’t be 22222. It just shouldn’t. I don’t like the way 87 looks at me.

This made no sense.
This also isn’t really whether o find the numbers lucky, it’s more about liking and disliking them.

@Sonus the point is to talk about them. Though that’s about it really.

@Tab you don’t believe in owning luck (as in things tent to go in your favour because you have “luck”), luck still exists, if you win a lottery that was still “luck” though it admittedly probably wasn’t because you chose your birthday numbers.

Not only do I not believe I can manipulate luck, I don’t believe in luck in general. I do not wish to credit anything to luck because I don’t find any value in the concept and it would also discredit the person doing the “lucky” thing.

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the only number I’ve ever really had luck with is 18, if I remember correctly

literally every other number gives me bad luck

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