Lugar de Morte - Superhero RP (Signups and Discussion)



Just make a GM PC. Dew it.


There are certain horrors associated with that. Plus, it’d take all the fun out of it - I would know everything about to happen as well as all of my long-term goals. It wouldn’t be legitimate or genuine.

There’ll probably be a familiar face or two because I’m lazy and would rather reuse old concepts, butI’m doubtful they would be full-fleshed or even half-developed to the degree that a pc would necessitate.

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So when does this start?

You’re welcome to ping people you think may be interested.


I originally wanted to create a new character for this rp, but seeing as it’s been 17 days since signups opened and I haven’t come up with anything, I’ll use a hero who I made up on my own a while ago instead.

Character bio coming tommorow (or the day after)

Edit: I forgor

Tommorow maybe. Definitely in the next couple of days


@Ghid This sounds like something you’d be interested in.

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@Winger wanna do dis?

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