Lugar de Morte - Superhero RP (Signups and Discussion)



Just make a GM PC. Dew it.


There are certain horrors associated with that. Plus, it’d take all the fun out of it - I would know everything about to happen as well as all of my long-term goals. It wouldn’t be legitimate or genuine.

There’ll probably be a familiar face or two because I’m lazy and would rather reuse old concepts, butI’m doubtful they would be full-fleshed or even half-developed to the degree that a pc would necessitate.


So when does this start?

You’re welcome to ping people you think may be interested.


I originally wanted to create a new character for this rp, but seeing as it’s been 17 days since signups opened and I haven’t come up with anything, I’ll use a hero who I made up on my own a while ago instead.

Character bio coming tommorow (or the day after)

Edit: I forgor

Tommorow maybe. Definitely in the next couple of days


@Ghid This sounds like something you’d be interested in.


@Winger wanna do dis?

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Don’t worry Ghid, I gotchu

Name: Silas Wright

Gender: Male

Powers: Super speed sensory and cognitive functions.

Power Explanation: Simply put, Silas’s world moves in slow motion. With his mind and senses working 600 times faster than a normal human’s, the events of one second will feel stretched out to 10 minutes. Bullets move at a snail’s pace, enemy’s movements become predictable, complex calculations can be made in moments, and normally quick pains become an agonizing eternity. Silas’s body itself does not posses super speed, but his quick thinking mind coupled with his training can translate to lightning fast reflexes, incredible aim, and witty comebacks. Unfortunately, Silas has no way of deactivating his power, often leaving him bored as life goes by at a sluggish pace at best, or at worst forcing him to endure extreme amounts of prolonged pain and mental exhaustion. While not a natural marksman, Silas has grown comfortable around firearms of all sorts, and rarely is caught without at least a Glock at his side, or a P90 in his hands.

Appearance: Possessing a tall but thin frame, Silas’s physique hardly screams “super hero agent,” but he has been trying. He has an angular face with dark brow eyes and side swept black hair. He wears a tactical vest and gloves over a white button up with rolled up sleeves coupled with black pants and combat boots (hidden knife sheath included).

Personality/Bio: Silas led a fairly ordinary life for an unremarkable community college student. Ordinary until a near fatal car crash left his mental functions mysteriously slowed, almost to the point of total unconsciousness. Silas was then given an offer by the US government: stay nearly braindead and waste away in a hospital, or under go experimental testing to fix his mental state and sign a permanent contract with the special forces. Seeing no other option, Silas accepted the offer, and the testing worked beyond what anyone could have imagined, interacting with the mysterious disability to not only counteract it, but go on to dramatically increase his cognitive functions beyond what any normal human possesses. Grateful for this new chance at life, Silas dove headfirst into any and all assignments at Lugar da Morte, and undergoing rigorous combat training.

The accident changed Silas greatly in some ways, but little in others. He’s still kind hearted deep down, trusting (almost naive), and loyal to a fault, despite his sometimes apathetic appearance. He’ll make quips, poke fun, and sometimes come across impatient thanks to his power, but he means well and has a protective streak for those he cares about, especially when they are in dangerous situations. He’ll try to avoid violence when able, but isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty if he thinks he must. He also really likes reading books, because they’re one of the few things he can actually enjoy at his own pace.

Let me know all the grammatical errors, and if you have any questions or want anything changed.


For the record, Silas won’t be starting out with any kind of firearm, although I imagine the opportunity to obtain one will be presented before long.


If we get two more characters, we can begin.


Oh, sorry, I thought we started out on the island already workin for the government.


Well thankfully the nebulous non-specific government is always looking for new recruits. Silas has signed a contract and undergone training in US territory, however Lugar de Morte is joint-operations owned. He’ll get drafted into whatever shenanigans are going on with field missions pretty quick, but only after the introductory message is given for all player characters once we begin.


I wasn’t going to join any more TTV RPs, but if you’ll have me, then I’ll help get this off the ground. Unless my participation is a deterrent and should leave, whatever is best. I’ll try not to break things or complain too much

Name: Lucius Mowdy

Gender: Boy Male

Pokémon Fun Facts

Did you know? Professor Oak was not the first professor to ask the gender question!

While the boy/girl option first appeared in Gen II with Pokémon Crystal Version, it was a tact-on menu option to pick before the regular opening. Leaving for the boy/girl question to be properly implemented in Gen III with Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire Versions, in which it is asked by Prof. Birch. However, despite it being character dialogue, it was quite awkward. Which is probably why, in the same generation, the Gen I remakes Pokemon Firered/Leafgreen Versions are more remembered for Prof. Oak asking the question. It was written with a better pace and more natural sound with his dialogue, with that caring grandfather attitude.

Powers: Optical Spectrum Manipulation

Power Explanation:

Short version: he can change the colors of things. Like make a red apple become blue and orange.

Long version: Lucius can change the natural frequency/vibrations of matter so that it absorbs and reflects the light waves differently from normal. For example, changing the frequency of the apple’s skin so that it uses a frequency that absorbs the red visual frequency and reflect the blue one. This atomic vibrational change travels through his body first and reaches out to the intended object he wishes to change. Physical contact is the quickest and easiest way to change colors; his body shaking and changing color itself as it travels down his arm to whatever he’s touching. Though he can do this to objects without direct contact, the energy/vibrational change will be visible as it changes the frequency of all the other matter in the way until it reaches the desired item.

His color changes are temporary and require concentration to keep the frequency/color change. Distance objects will not continue a vibrational trail once reached, but will require greater concentration to keep up the alterations. Though he typically sticks to the visible spectrum for humans, he can change it to others more difficult or impossible for humans to see, like ultraviolet. Similarly, he can change it to multiple colors and complex patterns, but this requires greater concentration and imagination. Can make himself or other things well camouflaged.

Appearance: A somewhat scrawny white boy, young college age with short, messy, watermelon colored hair (green at base, transitioning to pink). Usually wearing some black or grey sweatpants, sometimes black jeans for something nicer when in public, and what can only be described as a gamer chair hoodie. Sometimes he remembers to wear a T-■■■■■ underneath, usually having some pop culture stuff on it.

Personality/Bio: Lucius hails from Wyoming - yes, people actually live there. He knows, it’s a strange concept. Yes, it’s very empty, please stop trying to convince him that Wyoming doesn’t really exist.

Anyway, Lucius was born and raised in Wyoming most his life. He dropped out of college already to pursue a dream of becoming a popular Let’s Player. Things have not worked and has been doing editing work for channels and streamers a bit larger than himself to pay the bills. Though when his subscription to Adobe was expiring, he made a ritual sacrifice to appease the Adobe pantheon so he could continue his work. He’s pretty sure something went wrong because he gained IRL color picker and got an even bigger bill from Adobe. After hosting an emergency donation stream that went viral from becoming a rainbow filter, he found himself mysterious on the island.


canonizing the existence of Let’s Plays, Adobe, and (supposedly) Wyoming

I will allow him to use camouflage to whatever degree he desires with this ability. As for breaking the game, I’d like if you didn’t make a concentrated effort right off the bat, but don’t hold yourself back too much.


One more and we can begin. But the signups won’t be closing any time soon - feel free to join at any time.

I’ll know if you decide not to. :eye::eye:


@Chronicler I decided to try sketching Veronica, but I didn’t have the photo or description on hand, so she ended up looking more like iron man tbh. I might get around to doing more characters if y’all are cool with it.


It’d be fun if I made a boring, dull character who’s power was being normal and making other things normal, but I don’t really have much time on my hands to devote to the rp.


now this is epic


Name: Wen, though in case file, reads as: The Alaskan Ghost
Gender: Male
Powers: Mutated Body, Now has increased stamina, strength and altered body features, along with a set of claws on his right hand.
Power Explanation: The Toxic waste slush that mutated his body gave him numerous features: His mouth grew mandibles, his hair fell out, replaced by non-prehensile tendrils, along with spikes around the mouth and tiny spikes where his eyebrows should be. He has a claw on his right hand, and the stamina and strength to back them up. He has the strength to pick up a smart car, and is able to jump higher than a normal person. He has increased endurance,able to run longer than most.
Appearance: Wen is a 15 year old kid with middle toned-skinned, with long tendrils for hair, and dark brown eyes. He is tall for his age, and has a body somewhere under the heavy coat he was given by his father. He wears a respirator that covers his mangled face.
Personality/Bio: Wens parents died in a car crash, one that cost him his arm, and injured his lungs and face. He was given a prosthetic arm, and his uncle took him in where he lived in Alaska and taught him survival skills. He was trained with hunting firearms, knives, and traps.
One day, while he was wandering the forest, fell through a hole covered by snow, and found himself in a cave, where someone had buried toxic waste barrels, which had mixed with the slush that Wen was then covered in. He made his way back to his uncles house, but later that next morning, when he went to greet one of the neighbors, they saw he face, and immediately afterwards reported him.

Personality: Wen is quite unpredictable, and sometimes doesn’t understand what people mean. He can be shy at one moment, bold the next, and then venomous too. Hes one who hates being told what to do and might only do it begrudgingly out of respect. His voice is hindered by his mandibles, making it hard to speak fast.



So about these powers…

Aside from someone already having invisibility to a pretty great degree (I’m not against duplicate concepts), Wen’s power is… Pretty much useless. He can only turn himself invisible and not what he’s wearing, which means the only way he’d go unnoticed is if he’s naked.

And nobody’s going to be naked. I expect you to shower fully clothed

Everything else with this character is neat, so if there’s a way you could alter his power or give him a new one, he’ll most likely be approved.