Lugar de Morte - Superhero RP

“Rude,” Lucius answers and finishes the last item. Though the news of a year’s stay kept him from considering more food.

“A year? No travel or nothin’ to other places?” He asked Roswell.


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“Sonny, the minute I walk outta this island the whole government will be after me to try and replify what I got.” Roswell pointed at Lucius with his plastic fork. “I don’t have sense for that legal _non_sense, so I sit tight until it’s all figured out. And then?”

“Back to my farm, my cars, and my retirement.” Roswell leaned back and rested his arms against his head before flailing and catching the table to prevent from spilling over backwards. “Would it kill them to add a back to these things?!”

Wen got up from his seat to acquire a new set of fowl to feast on, intersecting the two others that had wanted to get food.

Wen grabbed a new selection, before observing Veronica and the mountain of
person , his clicking very much audible.

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Veronica was fumbling, trying carefully to touch the edges of some of the trays and utensils, to prevent too much burning. She turned around to the massive figure. “Hello. You are-?”

“Oh. That’s fair, I guess. Not really great with the law stuff either.” Lucius says before Roswell almost falls over. In response to adding backs he says, “Maybe chairs were too much for the budget?”

“Judging by the size of this whole place, I doubt budget is ever an issue here.” Silas said as he cleared the last piece of chicken, placing it on top of the pile of bones already on his pate before rising, dumping the trash in the garbage, and setting the trays where the other dirty one’s were located.

“Until there’s a union and suddenly there isn’t money,” Lucius retorts. He would have been done by now as well, but doesn’t get up to remove his items as of yet.