Luthor of Lazarus

About as simple a MOC as you can get. But I just can’t get enough of those marvelous hands.

This guy is a wandering nomad type. With a wrench like staff and a retractable buzzsaw rigged to his forearm.


Alt-head (I think I like this one better actually)


Where do the hands come from?

The color distribution is great.

@Atlas_1 probably Shapeways

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@Atlas_1 Not Shapeways this time. They’re from a bootleg set I found on AliExpress. Go check the bootleg thread on here for all the info.

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Generally it looks nice but the vahki pieces on the legs clash a bit with the mostly smooth armor found on the rest of the figure. However I really like the saw blade attachment on the left arm.

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Thanks! I agree about the texture clash. I was trying to make it seem like his forearms and calves have the “sleeves rolled up”, and so those exposed limbs are what he looks like under the shells. But I don’t think it conveyed very well.

The saw blade is pretty cool though. I think I’ll try to use more retractable weapons in my MOCs.

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The shaping of the legs is a little peculiar from certain angles, namely because of how bulky the Vahki legs look on those old Ben 10 limbs, but this is otherwise very good. I love the amount of character those hands add.

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WOW THERE, watch that finger sir, they’re children here. :middle_finger: <invisible I can’t take my quote seriously…>

Not liking the sleeve design, but the colors and tools are rather nice-