Lyla Re-Revamp

I have completed Lyla in an awesome style and her Battle Hooks
she is queen of the island Keetaa


To be honest it's just
a super messy
awkwardly proportionned


It does.. but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I personly can intepret a lot of back story into this character just because of it being so messy and strange proportioned.

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It looks interesting. I don't really like that head with the armor piece on top of the rahkshi head

I got the Lynna vibe from her, too. Doesn't look half-bad, but the arms could use a bit more tinkering.



It's so needlessly cobbled together, honestly. The technic bits do nothing in making her look better. She has no metru red in her arms, and each limb just looks so different from one another.

The legs looks weird, but it's fine besides that.

Oh boy. Well... I would say the build is nice, but it's just such an unoriginal and uninspired design I can't realistically say anything nice about it. It's just another Rahkshigirl. I have seen that head design so many times I've lost track. Moving away from the head however, the amount of axles sticking out from it isn't helping it at all. And that waist is farrr too thin. I get you wanted to have articulation, but bulk it up a little bit eh?
The shins are actually kinda cool, but the upper legs are too gappy and bony to work well with it. This goes for the arms as well. Gappy and bony.