Lyla revamped

This is a revamp of one of my very first female mocs and I built her way before knowing about Lynna made by biorockdude, so if this moc reminds you of her well it isn’t. hope you like it

Her torso is custom built, using my first custom torso build, 6 simple parts to build it and other pieces slaped on to it to get it’s shape.


Pretty good but the lower legs need some armour or something

She appears to have, “The poultry legs”

I love that torso build!

The legs look a little short, and the limbs in general are way too under-armored. If you want the skinny look, try bulking up the parts that are armored now and then only using one shell layer for the areas that aren’t currently armored.


Why the Rahkshi head? I know it might be a stylistic choice, but not only is it cliche, but it doesn’t work with this MOC in my eyes.

I really like the look of that Dark Red KK armor. However this makes the limbs too under armored, and I think they need some filling out. The Rahkshi head doesn’t really fit either.

thanks PakariNation99 and Dr_Chronos it has been a while since Lyla was built (6 years to be accurate) so I cant remember what her original head looked like

rahkshi heads on a female moc


BUT BESIDES THAT, the upper torso build is awesome! I do like the limbs, but I feel like they could be thickened out a bit.

The torso is amazing, everything else looks pretty okay-ish.

Again, though, I really think that torso is amazing. :smile: