Lynkay ~ The Strangely Alien Lego Conquistador ~ Also, Totally Swag Meister

A brave explorer, come to conquer, and claim all your peices.

He sailed to this brave new land in his boat, which is crashed into the the ground behind him. It looks like a box, but trust me, it is an amazing ship, that sailed for many moons to reach this place.

He wields his amazing sword, that is really amazing.

His helmet protects him, and has a spike, for stabbing.





Legit Weapon Storage That I totally Didn't Add After I Was Done.

So this came about when I looked at my little Bricklink haul, and decided to throw something together.
Here, have a relevant link:
It reminds me of @SwagMeister.
That has nothing to do with anything, I just noticed it.

It does kinda look like some inda Marvin the Martian.
That has everything to do with nothing, I just used it in the title.

What do you think?

It's Swag.

So I did.

Is this canon?
Is there a canon?

So many questions.
So little me answering them...


his face looks like a crustacean's


ELK please change it to me
I am this dude
lynkay doesn't exist anymore


I hadn't noticed.
I'm going to have to remember that.

Lemme see what I can do...

I want 10

So its pretty much a sailor version of Meta Knight?


Updated Main Post, Edited Title, and Tagged some Tags. ~LibityLobityBibityBobity...

Sure why not...

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Are you going to make a Lynkbe

Anyways, it looks like a good moc

oh my god, this is cute

Should I be terrified? Is it time to surrender?

It's so adorable, it should be your self-Moc :smile:

He is amazing.

Reminds me of a Kirby character, great work.

Is it weird that this reminds me of you ELK just with a helmet?

Anyhoo it is a good small moc.

I love this
After all, who can't love Ramen?

This is so amazing. :laughing:

I think you should make it your self MOC. This is groovy by the way.

Yes. Just YES

Nice MOC. It Is So Swaggy

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Cute, yet looks evil at the same time. Cool MOC.