M.I.A Chapter VII

Chapter 7

It was really hot, the humidity made it feel as if air itself was sticky, the fact they all had to walk back made it worse, it was just all around truly awful.

“Taox! Could you, like? I don’t know? Create An ice storm? It so hot out here! “ The paralyzed Toa of light Yttirum and Neriex we’re carrying. Inquired

“Keep moving!” Jaller commanded. As he passed their weapons to kongu, Upon his complaining jaller simply responded, “two hands.” Yttirum guessed this was some kind of inside joke.

“Never have I ever wanted to strangle someone as much I do right now.” Artillery said snarkly struggling to maintain eye contact with the brainwashed Toa of Fire, This was difficult seeing that he could only move his head.

“What happened to those sick moves you were throwing down earlier?” Yttirum whispered into The Toa of light’s audio receptor.

“You see that disk on my hip?”


“Hit it.” Artillery finished

“What? Why would I hit it?”

“Do it! “ He responded sharply.

Yttirum pulled his arm back and elbowed it, the impact was strong enough to break it.

“Did you break it?” Artillery sighed

“Yeah.” Yttirum responded guiltily


“What are you two whispering about?” Neriex asked, peeking over Artillery’s head

“Our way out.” The Toa of light answered.

“And how does that possibly help us?”

“You’ll see.” Artillery finished, as he tried to adjust his head to a more comfortable angle, this too was difficult seeing that the spikes on the back of his mask threatened to make contact with either of their eyes.

“You never answered me.”


“Why are you pretending to be paralyzed?”

“Oh! I’m not pretending.” Artillery paused, “let me guess, You want an explanation.”

Yttirum nodded.

“Hooooo boy. Gather round kiddos time for grand papi Art to tell you all a story!” He glanced at Neriex. “Go away.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t like you.”

Neriex gave him an offended look then walked away.

“Why’d you do that?”

“Trust me. Hey can you re-adjust, and carry me on your back?”

“Sure. But I hope you don’t mind your feet dragging in the sand.”

Artillery made eye contact with Yttirum, or at least that’s what he assumed his ally was doing he couldn’t really see Artillery’s eyes behind his visor. “Trust me that’s what I’m going for.” Yttirum shifted his comrade to his back and used his elemental power to make a makeshift Seat to prop him up.

“Do you have a strap or something that would keep you from falling?”

“Yeah! Give me a second.” Artillery’s head went limp, Yttirum knew this because the back of his mask hit Him in the face. Next thing Yttirum knew Artillery’s arm was over his shoulder, in its hand was a red strap, written on it in matoran, was the word “hunter”. Yttirum ignored it and put it around his waist.

“That good?”

“I don’t have a choice do I?”

“No. Now about my question.”

“I’m a being comprised of energy, That’s about it, when I use my element powers too much, my E.T.D cuts off my energy reserves to prevent me from converting myself completely into “Grey” energy. Which is basically what is happening now.”

“So you can’t control your gray energy, I’m guessing?” Yttirum snapped his fingers

“Exactly! But fear not it eventually regenerates, but as long as I still have a little of my normal energy left, it’ll expedite the process.”

“Ahh. Okay. Why’d you tell me all this?”

“I don’t know! Maybe you have an avatar?” Yttirum felt Artillery shrug.

“What’s that?”

“A reference you wouldn’t get.” Artillery answered “Any more questions?”

“You said you weren’t from this universe, but you’re a Toa-“

“So I’m obviously from an alternate timeline.” Artillery sighed “while technically you’re correct, My origin branch is indeed in this universe, I did not arrive here from there I came from a completely different universe.

“Uh huh. Wait that makes no sense?”

“As far as your understanding goes the multiverse only extends to your universe, but of Course it doesn’t now that you think about it. Though I doubt you could grasp the full concept of entire the multiverse.”

“Try me.” Yttirum challenged

“Alrightyo! Time for a little exposition dump!” Artillery Failed to straighten himself.

“Now I’m only going to be able to explain how a section of the Multiverse works since it doesn’t have a definable shape. So imagine you have a tube, all around the tube are trees, these trees are universes, their stumps are the prime universe or the origin point. And what do trees have? Branches, so these branches are your alternate timelines, the further you get from the stump, the more drastic the changes are.” Artillery breathed in “and that tube I mentioned earlier, well that’s the space in between universes; we call it The multiverse well.

“How do you know all this?’”

“Oh this is all common knowledge for any agent of the C.O.T.M.”

“The what now?”

“C O T M, stands for council of the multiverse, we “deal” all kinds of happenings in the multiverse,” Artillery paused “see anything yet?”

“Yeah I can see the fortress you were talking about earlier.” Yttirum looked around, directly in front of them was two things: one was a set of spikes in the middle of the court yard and the second was the fortress itself that stood before him, it was incredible he would almost even say beautiful if it wasn’t for how imposing it was, on every ledge stood statues of various bat like Rahi, Yttirum spied at least 100 skakdi guarding the entrance in front of them was the brainwashed Toa of stone Hewkii,

“Ten points for the weird spectrum.”

Artillery whispered, “NEAT GARGOYLES YOUR BOSS HAS HERE!” Artillery had no idea what the heck was happening, but this was definitely going to be a fantastic report to give to that sludge ball dexter. he watched as a Skakdi soldier ran up to Jaller and whispered something into his audio receptor, “What do you mean you captured one?”

Yttirum turned to see what all the commotion was about swinging Artillery to face their captures. “YOOOO WHAT’S UP?” Artillery flipped them a rude gesture before crying out as a Skakdi shot a laser beam at Yttirum’s feet.

“Keep moving!”

“Don’t move, oh man this is going to be so funny.” Artillery whispered to his ally. “HEY YOU, YEAH IM TALKING TO YOU! YES YOU MR. I’M BLUE DABADIDABIDYE! LOOK OVER HERE! I CAN DO THAT TOO, JUST WATCH! Artillery held his hands next to his face and shot lasers at the Skakdi’s eyes. For some reason they stumbled to the side clutching their eyes and the lasers hit the guy behind him.

“AHH!” Artillery screamed

Two skakdi rushed over to their fallen comrade, and begun inspecting the body, after a while they ran over to Hewkii and gave him a report on the state of the two skakdi, Artillery could faintly make out the words “both stricken blind a few things were wrong with that statement, one Artillery had missed trying to blind his target and Accidentally killed the dude behind him, so that was clearly impossible. And two, What did they mean both?

Yttirum turned back around, and Artillery found himself being stared down by at least fifty slightly scared looking skakdi soldiers.

“Yo Yttirum!”

“If it’s, so I can turn around, so you can kill more skakdi, I’m not doing it!”

“No. I was just going to say I think I know how this place works.”

“Shoot, but you might want Neriex over here to hear this.”

“Oh don’t worry, I think she’s already listening.”, to Yttirum’s surprise, Artillery shifted.

“You can move again?”

“Yeah! Watch this.” Artillery thought hard dreaming of Yttirum coming into possession of a Kanohi Arthron. “Hold out your hand.

Yttirum was confused but did what was asked of him, in front of his eyes a Mask of sonar had appeared in his hands. “How did you do that?” he gawked.

“Quick! Assign that mask to you!” He whispered harshly

“Alright I’m doing it.”,Yttirum took the next reasonable course of action and placed the Arthron on his face, Yttirum felt the familiar feeling of a new Kanohi before instantly switching back to his Kaukau.

“Why an Arthron?”

“One, looks way better on you than that stupid Kaukau, and two, We’re going to need it.”

“Are you going to explain what’s happening?”

“Oh yeah! Almost forgot…hmmm…let me think… Aha. So basically this place allows us to achieve our deepest desires, or dreams. Hence-“

“The Arthron and you being able to move again.” Yttirum chuckled. “ This must be the most interesting shopping trip you’ve ever been on. Huh?”

Artillery cackled “you have no idea how wrong you are!”

Hewkii turned to face his new prisoners. “THE GREAT IRNAKK WILL SEE YOU NOW!” He signaled to the guards to open the gate.

Artillery raised his arms “LET’S GO GET SOME STICKERS!”


“Gotta keep up the act.” Artillery whispered.

“You are a strange Individual.”

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