M.O.C a Hero from Hero Factory

got a bit of HF nostalgia a while back…
simple ccbs body frame build just like the 2.0 line from back in the day.

sketchy skelebros on the street

hey theres one of those skeley bros… wonder when we’ll see more of him???


Looks great, not a huge fan of the lead though.

Gotta love Hero Factory, this really brings back good memories :slight_smile:

Great build with some good personality! Although the feet are a bit off putting. Could’ve just done with some standard HF feet, but heyho…


The headgear is a little off-putting, but otherwise it’s pretty good.

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I need a hero!


Nice job!

I like the torso. And this kinda reminds me of Stringer… maybe it’s the colors.

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those tires are from the bootleg Lego cars right? I remember getting a few at a arcade

Probably not though

Anyways, I like the proportions, and the build is cool. Not a fan of the head though

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This really brings me back to 2011. It’s got good coverage and a lot of personality, though I’m not a big fan of the headgear.

thanks bro, jut asking what exactly is wrong with the head gear? just want to improve it, that’s all thanks!