M.O.C Avohkii, Toa of something

Wanted o’ make a toa out of one of my matoran, his kanohi s powerless so I don’t know what element he is, I also tried using the same build or (close to it) as my revamped Umarak.

this character suffers from memory loss due to a bad brain stalk, he therefor lost his name and called himself the only thing he could see, remember and find, Avohkii (he lost his original mask, so he wore this to keep him from shutting down), he therefor wear’s a powerless mask of light. he is the forth member of the Toa Sphera and often gets into trouble as he might forget something important.


he looks really cool and FIRST!!
ahh dead memes.

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Gotta cover up those bones bro

Agreed, but he’d look even more awkward if I did.

Iron. Silver and orange, he’s iron.

He’s very bare bones, rather literally in fact, but, I don’t know, there’s a certain charm to him that I kinda like, definitely change those feet though.

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he looks kool but he need to work kuz hes realy skiny

I actually think he would look a lot better if you at least covered up the arms. The legs are fine but another 4- stud long shell on each arm would really improve his appearance.
Only other thing is that his chest looks rather exposed, but other than that, he looks quite solid and I approve. Those are the only REAL criticisms I have, if you want to expand on his design I think giving him weapons that match a high- speed, samurai- like character would work wonders.
(edit: forgot a period)

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Nothing really amazing but it’s aight