M.O.C. Comic: The Car

Hey everyone, I’m sadly no longer do the Ved Wacky Lab Adventures, if that wasn’t obvious. Any ways, hope you all like this one, also this isn’t going to be a long series, this is just going to be 2 little comics I made quite a while ago.


I love these types of comics! Good job mate!

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thank you, also I forgot three little pics so I just add them. Just to let you know.

YOU DIDN’T USE THE HAWIAN BACKGROUND WHEN YOU SAID “a few hours later”!!! 0/10 Jk, this was pretty funny. Good work.


Ey, you’re welcome! Always happy to see another one of these!
Used to watch Rahiden’s (until he stopped) and the only other one like this (that updates frequently) is Toa-shifter’s Mini-mayhems comic.

All too easy :stuck_out_tongue:

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