M.O.C Kronos


Legs seem a little too wide for the figure, but other than that, it’s pretty alright.

The build is good, but it looks very “casual” to me.

Relatively simple, but he looks aesthetically good.

Whilst its not a bad moc, in fact its quite good, I’m gutted I got hyped for something similar to the Titan.
Like this:

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Pretty simple but decent nonetheless. I’d complain about it being pretty feminine but that would be the most hypocritical thing I could say right now…

Nice work. Legs could use a touchup and the arms should probably be changed to independent joints.

I was thinking, with such an interesting build for the legs, the arms look a little out of place. A little too simple. It could be a neat idea if the legs were meant to be prosthetics.

Chest doesn’t fit at all