M.O.C Kulta the Skull Grinder (V3)

decided to have a more set ‘accurate’ appearance with this one.

thoughts? comments? criticism? have a good day.


I was wondering where you went, usually you had a new creation coming every other week.

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Upper legs are a bit blocky imo

The horns are upgraded very nicely. And that black claw hand is wicked great. I love the tall, lithe body he’s got. Just a very good MOC overall.

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This boy needs thigh day.

Superb work as always

well I did want to stay true to the set

and to @LeKrahka I kinda misplaced my camera, plus school was on me like a disease.

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Love the entire build. No real complaints here.

Looks really cool! The only thing that annoys me is seeing the underside of the 1x2 plates.