M.O.C Misery the murderous (or version 4)

The original misery lacked quit a lot, so I revamped to the point where he looks nothing like the original.
i’m not happy how his feet turned out and if any one could give me suggestions on making a custom foot design, i’d be very happy and grateful!


This is really cool and all

But is that a vacuuming bohrok?
11/10 My life is complete


@Jack_Frost He’s the true mr. Clean.


This is really cool, I especially like the hood. As for the feet, maybe try using the Jaw Beast feet. If not, try to make a smaller version of Fire Lord’s feet.

@Zero You mean he’s a real Bionimerican hero.

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Cool. The hooked hands compliment the rest of the figure very nicely.

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I need a band aid.

A… Bohrok? With a… vacuum cleaner?


Clean it all…
It must be cleaned…


I wouldn’t want to wake up to see this thing looming over me, that’s fro sure! Those lower legs are very nice!

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I would’t either, even though he’s on my shelf at home, anyway thanks!

The torch arms kinda ruined the lengthy leg appearance for me, but the build is still interesting non the less-

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