M.O.C Sherok (V2)

finaly got around to finishing her…


Personal to me but needs more blue th. Looks rather nice though.

Needs more trans blue, but I really like it other than that.

Really good moc as always
Maybe could we get a brighter back view? It’s hard to point out the blue in the back

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I really like the way those Phantoka blades are used on the chest. On the whole, the MOC is somewhat simple (I really like the chest though), but I think it’s still looks really nice as is.

Looks pretty nice, but would benefit from more blue.

The pictures look so edited that it’s kinda hard to make out the torso design.

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The pictures are pretty dark, so it makes it kinda hard to make out anything… but overall it looks pretty solid.

I’m not a huge fan of the way the Skull Villain bones look for her upper arms, but the rest is solid.

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totally not relevant

A drastic change from the previous model, but more cleaned out.

Nice nice very nice. Good as always

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This looks really nice, although it could use some more trans blue like others have said.

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