M.O.C Stone Beetle

haven’t done a rahi moc in awhile


Looks great.

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Dude this is pretty sick.

Looks really neat! I like the colorscheme, brown isn’t oft used these days.

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It looks pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of the trans neon green however. It doesn’t really fit in with the other colors, and reminds me too much of Ketar.

Nice work
I like the shape and the colors

really cool use of the visorak husk


Ayy, that’s pretty good.

My only criticism would be that it looks a bit like a giant Visorak, but it still looks great.


Awesome! But please, use tan pins.

is there a function in the mouth?

nope, it is articulated, but other than that there is no function.

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Looks great. I like the blending of CCBS and Technic/ G1 pieces.

This is sweet, nice work .

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You sure about that?

Great moc. The shaping is great!

men’t to say I haven’t done a rahi moc in a while thanks for pointing out my error bro!

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Quite nice Rahi moc

a shame. that would have made it even more awesome.

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