M.O.C the Manuka

this Rahi hunt’s in pack’s up to 20 to 40, extremely dangerous and highly feared in Spherus Magna. it’s two blades are used offensively and defensibly and its mouth has a toxic saliva that paralyze prey. they are also fast runners, reaching speed almost as fast as a kanohi Kakama.


Interesting! Though on a MOC with this much black having photos this contrasty means we can’t see much detail. I feel like it could use something more than a socket for the end of the tail, too.


Pretty cool. The overall silhouette is interesting and alien.

Wow I love the use of the trans light blue

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I can’t decide which is best: the legs, or that head.


the middle of the legs are a bit flat,otherwise very nice


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I love this. Very eerie.

Your creatures never cease to amaze me. What will he think of next? :stuck_out_tongue:

I usually don’t make a lot of animal based Mocs, so it might be a while since I make another Rahi moc.

I am vary curious, who is the Makuta who create this Rahi? Teridax? Gorast?

hmm, I keep forgetting that Makuta created Rahi, maybe Mutran then, he’s the first Makuta scientist that comes to mind.

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