M.O.C Ulna

another member of the Kulta squad!
the reason she has a different colour scheme to my other skeleton themed creations is because she is supposed to be a spy of sorts for Kulta, the green acts as a cloaking or camouflage device.


This is really cool!
My only complaint is that I feel like the upper and lower arms should be swapped


I tried that, the colours work better, but it looks to short and hinders movement in the wrist. but thanks for the criticism anyway! it’s always good to improve on things.

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Something about the feet feels a little odd, but I think she is otherwise great.

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The back is a bit empty and I like the spine but…

Another thing would be the lanky legs compared to the arms and torso

the feet a a bit weird but otherwise this is,while simple, pretty good

I’m not liking the torso and the skirt is sticking alittle off-
The feet are also strange but this moc still have some potential.

Those are some small feet.

I like the skirt-thing though.


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