M-s-kii (some Fnart)

Its been some time, and you heard nothing about me… (not that anyone cares)

I have DA! But i can upload anything becouse of this phone! Yay!


Awesome as always!..do you take requests?

Really nice surprise; I haven’t been around in quite a while either, and I feel like your screen name rings a bell. Some solid shading and a good sense of proportions goes a long way.

Nah! I like beeing free canary roaming the sky doing whatever he wants, but Im an wolf, so I cant fly

If im in mood and have ideas I might draw some moc or sth from time to time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No hard feelings

Are you here to battle evil by any chance?



cannot unsee

oh, creep your art is as usual, great.


I was about to say that :stuck_out_tongue:


nice Fanart of Meskii, really love it(if that was your idea). If she were a member I’d think she’d like it

My Idea? Hahaha! Ofc :smile_cat:

Also, as soon as I will be able to sand pics on DA She will be tagged! ;3

Also I have moc of her at home, but Im home away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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[quote=“Creep, post:10, topic:9098”]
I have moc of her at home, but Im home away
[/quote]Oh you

Dingdingding! Its different ;3

awesome :sunglasses: