M:Tron Bonfire mech

Hanz… get ze flammenwerfer

Memes aside, I present to you, members of the Boards, another M:Tron mech!

Designed for burning through the native foliage on planets, to make room for mining operations.

Front and back.

A large flamethrower, designed for burning through the brush.

Tank full of fuel.

The pilot. Look at that gleeful smile as he burns the forest down!

And the open cockpit.

Comments and Crits always welcome!


Very cool Mech! It’s actually pretty well built!

Thanks! These nexo-knights torsos are vastly underused.

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“Burn in Holy fire!”

“Brother I am pinned here!”

“Die heretic.”

Sorry. Just getting some Warhammer 40K flashes here.

Anyway, I really like the look of this moc! Not really a conventional mech. But more so a giant flamethrower with legs. A vehicle with the sole purpose of burning everything it can.

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Which is exactly what it is. Be prepared for a spacecraft next.